Santiam Communications
Effective Jan. 1, 2020, Santiam Communications is no longer accepting new service requests, new projects, or new clients. We continue to service existing active projects and active service plans for existing clients that are either pre-paid and/or current with billing.

Prepaid Service Plans

Affordable, Reliable Website Maintenance Services

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*Service requests in this program are either content updates to an existing web page or the addition of a new web page and are assumed not to exceed one hour. New pages will utilize the existing website template and content will be provided by web site owner in finished form. Content updates are changes to existing body copy, photos, or graphics. A new page consists of content that fits into 1 screen (1024×768 resolution) and includes up to 1 graphic or photo provided by the site owner that requires minimal editing or optimization. Any service request exceeding 1 hour will be billed hourly in addition to the program cost. Unused service requests cannot be rolled over to the next month. Service requests can be used ahead of time for small to medium sized upgrades to the website that will require several hours of work.