Visualize Internet Attacks in Real Time

It’s a dangerous internet world out there. You no doubt have have heard this before. And, if your website has not been attacked, hacked, defaced, etc. count yourself lucky … or well protected. There’s nothing like seeing in real time internet threats to help convince you that it’s not all peaceful out there in Cyberspace. […]

Strong Passwords Protect You

Imagine a much simpler world where you only needed to remember one password instead of keeping up with an entire notebook of usernames, emails and passwords for various online websites. Now imagine you can do this without compromising any of your online security. Such a world is possible by utilizing password vault and password management […]

Website Maintenance and Growth

A healthy website is a lush garden of fresh, seasonal information. It’s fertilized with top performing servers and with access to ample network bandwidth. Broken links are like weeds that need to be pulled. Over-grown pages need to be cut back and/or transplanted to other areas of the website that make better sense. Old information […]

Radio and Web, Old School and New

Had a great time recently working with Gary over at Audio Media Services. He’s very experienced in the music and recording industry. Gary provided script writing and use of his professional studio for a new commercial I was working on. With the new commercial now on the air, I took a few moments today to […]

Review Your Web Stats

You should be looking at and analyzing your website traffic periodically. But especially this time of year, we can crank the date field back to January 1st and get a year-at-a-glance. Pay attention to events that drive traffic, traffic sources, and trends in technology (operating systems and screen sizes) used to access your website.

Cheesecake Donated to Non-Profits’ Silent Auction

Every year we help support over 30 non-profit organizations by participating as a business sponsor in the Point for Profit program. This year, we are donating to the annual silent auction a Chocolate Chunk Raspberry Cheesecake from the increasingly popular Coy’s Cheesecakes. This year’s auction and banquet is Jan 27th, in Albany Oregon, at the […]

Machine Craft Northwest Inc.

Machine Craft Northwest Inc. specializes in micro-machining, precision CNC machining, short run production and more. We are pleased to have helped them build their website Visit their website or follow them on Twitter or on Facebook.

New Study Reveals the Season’s Least Breakable Tablets

(StatePoint) Tablets are again one of this year’s hottest gifts as people of all ages and lifestyles use them for just about everything. Unfortunately, the way we use these fragile devices often puts them at risk for breaking, and certain models are more susceptible to going kaput.

SurvivalSim: An Emergency Preparedness Simulator

Hey there scouts! Are you “prepared”? Really? Check out and test your preparedness for an impromptu catastrophic simulation. We are pleased to have helped launch the new website for They provide impromptu emergency scenarios designed to get you thinking how you would react and where you can make improvements to your emergency preparedness. Download the app […]

Content Still King

Had a quick meeting with a client last spring while in town to get caught up and answer some questions about their website. One of the items discussed was what they can do to increase traffic. The website owner is very hands-on and loves to learn new things, especially website related. Among the handful of […]

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