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Effective Jan. 1, 2020, Santiam Communications is no longer accepting new service requests, new projects, or new clients. We continue to service existing active projects and active service plans for existing clients that are either pre-paid and/or current with billing.

Website Performance

February 22nd, 2019
Fast loading website after optimization.

Your website users should be the primary reason your website loads fast and operates correctly. Once they find your website, don’t make them wait any longer or work any harder to access the information they’ve come to get! Not sure if your website is causing your users issues when reading your website, run it through some of the analysis tools online to see. A third-party analysis tool like makes it easy to identify areas that need the most help. As time goes on, you might not realize that your website is slowing down. Over-sized images, outdated plug-ins, and poor page design, can quickly slow down a website and negatively impact your users’ experience. This is one of several reasons we prefer to setup websites on a customized (or fully customizable) theme. We can get our hands on the problem areas and make changes that greatly improve your website performance. There are many fee web hosting solutions but one of their hidden costs are that it’s too hard to optimized for performance.

We recently went through a client’s website and found some areas performing fine and some areas really needing a lot of help. After all the changes, we went from an “F” rating to an “A”.