Santiam Communications
Effective Jan. 1, 2020, Santiam Communications is no longer accepting new service requests, new projects, or new clients. We continue to service existing active projects and active service plans for existing clients that are either pre-paid and/or current with billing.

Facebook White Page of Death

It’s kind of a morbid title but it really does kill your Facebook productivity.

How to Schedule Website Content

If you have time sensitive website content like a promotion, limited time offer, live event, etc, you may need to temporarily publish content on a homepage or throughout a website for a limited time. Then, you may need to have this content removed and/or replaced. Often, this is done manually by a publisher, webmaster, or […]

How to Add P.I.T.A Events to Your Favorite Calendar

We take a few minutes in the following tutorial to show how to add the events posted on the Pacific International Trapshooting Association website to your favorite calendar software such as Outlook, iCal, and even the web-based calendar service provided by Google: