Santiam Communications
Effective Jan. 1, 2020, Santiam Communications is no longer accepting new service requests, new projects, or new clients. We continue to service existing active projects and active service plans for existing clients that are either pre-paid and/or current with billing.

Limited Monthly Service Plans at Special Pricing

The following plans and pricing are only good through end of 2020. Plans are limited so act now!

Photography Services

We’re pleased to announce in-house photography services! We’re already benefiting by faster turn around times, more flexibility, and higher quality publishing. Product Photos Social Media Content Etsy Stores Graphic design assets Ebay listings Engagement photos and more… For more information and to request photo services, please use the contact info here. Primarily serving northern Idaho, […]

Coupon Code for Website Phone Support

Hey DIY Website Owner, need some help? A lot of advertising out there trying to convince us all that websites run themselves.But the reality is websites are built on technology and we all know technology needs maintenance, updating, security reviews, etc. If your website plan was to set it and forget it, you’re asking for […]

Website Performance

Your website users should be the primary reason your website loads fast and operates correctly. Once they find your website, don’t make them wait any longer or work any harder to access the information they’ve come to get! Not sure if your website is causing your users issues when reading your website, run it through […]

Website Maintenance and Growth

A healthy website is a lush garden of fresh, seasonal information. It’s fertilized with top performing servers and with access to ample network bandwidth. Broken links are like weeds that need to be pulled. Over-grown pages need to be cut back and/or transplanted to other areas of the website that make better sense. Old information […]

Review Your Web Stats

You should be looking at and analyzing your website traffic periodically. But especially this time of year, we can crank the date field back to January 1st and get a year-at-a-glance. Pay attention to events that drive traffic, traffic sources, and trends in technology (operating systems and screen sizes) used to access your website.

New Study Reveals the Season’s Least Breakable Tablets

(StatePoint) Tablets are again one of this year’s hottest gifts as people of all ages and lifestyles use them for just about everything. Unfortunately, the way we use these fragile devices often puts them at risk for breaking, and certain models are more susceptible to going kaput.

Scam Artist Gets Caught by Sharp Journalist

Scam artist calls wrong number, gets caught. Watch this story to learn something about how these scammers work and avoid getting scammed yourself.

Tips for Small Business Owners to Face Today’s New Challenges – New Board Game for Soccer Fans!

Pleased to launch a new website for, a new Soccer board game designed to not only entertain but to help teach soccer. Check out the new site or visit them on Facebook.   [purehtml id=8]