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3D View of Web Page in Firefox (Inspect Element)

April 11th, 2012

Get a 3-D view of web page using Firefox's "Inspect Element" feature

Here at Santiam Communications we use top of the line tools from hardware to software to get the job done right and provide a reliable service.

But sometimes what a job needs is just some new perspective. Working with web media every day, life is pretty much a two dimensional experience given the nature of the end product. Well, this tool gives us the ability to take a look at a website from top to bottom from side to side and even walk around behind the job. Kind of cool although not super practical. Come to think of it, getting a new perspective on things can be very practical. So, it’s a thumbs up here. See it in action in the screen-cast below:

Short Screen-cast: 3-D View of Web Page