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Content Still King

July 31st, 2014

seo-planningHad a quick meeting with a client last spring while in town to get caught up and answer some questions about their website. One of the items discussed was what they can do to increase traffic. The website owner is very hands-on and loves to learn new things, especially website related. Among the handful of meaningful options out there to increase website traffic, the one we focused on was developing unique, relevant, and timely content. The timely part of this strategy tends to be more abstract but can be very effective. You have to think ahead, keep your ear to the ground, and seize the right moment. Without getting into all the details of how this works, we skip ahead several weeks to sit back and enjoy the measurable increase in website traffic shown in the screenshot below. There was a lot of work involved both in content creation and keeping up with social media, but the results are in and, well, impressive. Job well done!

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