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Tracking Wufoo forms installed in multiple locations

May 24th, 2012

Setup great forms with

Wufoo form service is just amazing. We’re getting all kinds of mileage out them. Small, simple forms are really easy to setup and deploy. Larger, more complex forms are still easier than in the “old days” when we programmed both the font-end and back-end form processor by hand. Forms are a valuable feature on any website and with the form service from Wufoo, there’s no excuse not to have them. Actually, no excuse not to have your form in multiple locations and to use the following tip to track which instance of your form was used.

Let’s say you setup a simple “Contact Us” form and you easily publish it on your “Contact Us” page. Done. Then, you realize that you can easily publish this same form on your “Home Page”. Now, you have 2 instances of the same form installed on your website. As users fill out the forms and emails are sent to you, it’s not apparent to you from which form the lead or online inquiry came from. Did this come from the “Contact Us” page or did it come from the “Home Page”?

Wufoo allows for placing an invisible field in your form and then, with a little basic coding, pre-populate the field with, in this example, the page name the form is installed on. The field is not seen by your site user but is recorded and comes through in your email. A new row in the email coming from the form on the home page might say:
“referrer home page”
And an email coming form the form on the “Contact Us” page might say:
“referrer contact us”

This can be really useful in learning how users interact with your site and where you are getting more responses.

If you would like some help with customizing your wufoo form, please inquire here.