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January 19th, 2010

Class on Saturday was a success measured by good feedback from the few attendees. Looking forward to offering it again in the near future and will definitely schedule more this spring. There’s so much going on in tech, online, and in the real world. It’s imperative these days to stay up to speed where these three universes intersect. Throw into the mix the dangers and threats of viruses, mean people, and faulty technology and suddenly navigating the sea of information that’s the Web can be intimidating and sometimes harmful.  Teaching naturally requires the knowledge to begin with and the art and skill of delivering information to others. But the preparation for a class is both challenging and immensely beneficial as it teaches me even more. I’d almost forgot from my former teaching days how much I learn when preparing for a class. It’s simply great. If you missed the class and would like to attend one in the future, please email me.