Santiam Communications
Effective Jan. 1, 2020, Santiam Communications is no longer accepting new service requests, new projects, or new clients. We continue to service existing active projects and active service plans for existing clients that are either pre-paid and/or current with billing.

Landing Page

Our landing page offering is designed to get your message online in a short period of time with a real, functional landing page that you can share with customers. To get you started, we offer the following:

Included to get you started: Invest More:
1 page It’s a landing page. It’s simple, functional, and easy to use. Page designed to 800×600 Need more pages? [ask us]
Title This is your name, business name, etc and is the most visible text on your page. 1 line title not enough? [ask us]
Subtitle This is the second largest text on your page and can be a tag line or additional information related to who you are. Need more? [ask us]
Body Copy You provide us with up to 100 words of simple text ready for the web. Need copyrighting, proof reading, more text, tables, complex formatting? [ask us]
Logo You provide us with electronic version of your logo. Need a professionally designed logo? [ask us]
Contact Form Contact form asks your visitor to contact you and provide their contact information: name, email, phone, comments. All fields are required. Form data is emailed to you. Additional fields and database storage available. [ask us]
Email Address Select 1 email address from your domain name such as or Additional email addresses and aliases are available. [ask us]
Search Engine Friendly We build the page search engine friendly so it can be read and ranked by the major search engines. This is not a complete optimization but makes your site compatible for search engine inclusion. Search engine optimization is available. [ask us]
Search Engine Submission Once live, we will submit your website to the following major search engines: Google, Yahoo!, and MSN Need inclusion in directories and specialty search engines? [ask us]
Up to 3 external links Use these links to link to other online resources. Add more links if you want. [ask us]
Up to 3 photos/graphics If you have existing, web ready graphic or photos, send them to use for inclusion on your page. Additional fees may apply for optimizing, resizing, etc. [ask us]
Link-to-me box for link building You will want other websites with relevant content. This box gives those webmasters the code snippet they need to cut and paste a link into their website, blog, etc that points to your website. Provide more than 1 version of link backs to your visitors. [ask us]
Google Analytics We will setup Google Analytics so you can see how many visit your website.
Google Map Location, location, location. Provide your customers with easy to use Google Map so they can easily find you and get directions if needed. More advanced mapping service available. [ask us]
Domain name We help you establish a domain name (registration fees will apply). Most importantly, you will own your domain name.
Hosting Includes 1 year hosting!
Maintenance Includes 3 minor changes through during the first 3 months. Order a maintenance plan and get top quality webmaster service at a discount.